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Laidinis IP Telefonas Alcatel Temporis IP100
IP technology serving for simplicity is the promise made by Temporis IP100, the latest born of ou..
54.45 €
Be mokesčių: 45.00 €
Laidinis IP Telefonas Snom 300
The basic model of the Snom business telephone family, the Snom 300, fulfils the most important r..
116.16 €
Be mokesčių: 96.00 €
Laidinis IP Telefonas Snom 710
High End Audio The Snom 710 is built from the ground up for HD audio. Its ergonomically desi..
136.73 €
Be mokesčių: 113.00 €
Laidinis IP Telefonas Snom 720
The snom 720 phone addresses office users that require excellent audio and a large number of prog..
258.94 €
Be mokesčių: 214.00 €
Laidinis IP Telefonas Snom 821
The VoIP phone Snom 821 unites two of the biggest requirements for modern telephony in one device..
235.95 €
Be mokesčių: 195.00 €
Laidinis IP Telefonas Snom D715
High speed connectivity The D715 provides high-speed connectivity thanks to its Gigabit Ethe..
160.93 €
Be mokesčių: 133.00 €
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